Why would I need a high-security cylinder lock?

To the average person a lock is a lock, but to a thief there are many locks on the market can be easily bypassed within 30 seconds.

Most of these cheaper locks are not to British Standard (BS3621 or TS007:2014) and therefore not as secure and susceptible to attack by intruders.

These type of locks could leave you with at best a snapped or damaged lock or at worst having to replace the entire door following damage through burning or cutting.

Weak looking locks or locks that do not conform to British Standards are the ideal target by intruders. Knowing that these locks harbour a weakness, intruders will attempt to remove the lock by snapping and burning.

The results can be disastrous, at best having to replace the cylinder and handle or at worst, replacing the entire door.

Preventative measures by upgrading your locks to intimidating high security is the best cure.

Low Security Locks fail to intimidate potential intruders. These type of locks are prone to “Lock Snapping” attacks.

If only part of the lock is removed, intruders will usually resort to “Burning” to allow them to snap out the remainder of the lock.


Installing high security cylinders is the best deterrent to a potential intruder. Intimidation and layered security features are the intruders worst fear. With the option of attacking two houses, one with a standard cylinder and one with High Security cylinders, which house do you think they will target?

Lancashire Locks is able to offer the latest 3 Star Multi Layered High Security cylinders at a highly competitive rate. These locks not only come with the Lancashire Locks 12 month guarantee but also a £2000 Anti-Snap guarantee underwritten by the manufacturer.

We also offer keyed alike options to allow you to operate all your high security locks from a single key. So if you would like your front and back door high security locks on the same key, then we can arrange this at no additional cost to you.

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