Professional Locksmith Services

Our professional locksmith videos are designed to give you an appreciation of the procedures that a qualified locksmith should follow.

None Destructive Entry Demonstration on British Standard Mortice Lock

Called out by householder after their keys for the front and back doors were lost. This video is a demonstration of gaining access to the rear door using none destructive techniques. The lock is a British Standard 5 Lever Mortice lock.

As the keys were lost the owner was given the option of either have the existing lock rekeyed or a brand new replacement fitted.

Bread and Butter type of job for Lancashire Locks with no damage to the door or door furniture.

Another Satisfied customer.

None Destructive Entry on Yale Style Night Latch

Called out at 8pm to gain entry into offices at an industrial unit following the loss of the keys to the office. As you can see this type of lock on its own offers minimal security.

Lancashire Locks would always advise having an additional Deadbolt Lock fitted to this type of door. This type of lock fitted to the main door on a domestic house WITHOUT the additional Deadbolt Lock, is likely to invalidate your house insurance policy!!

Be Wary. If you are unsure as to whether your locks comply with insurance requirements, get in touch and we will offer you a no obligation review. It’s all part of the service we offer to our Local Community.